Fourier imaging routines


Functions for fourier far-field calculations. Much copied or adapted from Joe Green’s Matlab code @ JPL.

fourier.MakeRectangle(x, y, parms, *arg, **kw)[source]

Make a bandlimited representation of an rectangle function by taking the Fourier transform of an appropriately oriented rect function

x = x-coodinate system (made with meshgrid) y = y-coodinate system (made with meshgrid) parms[0] = x-offset parms[1] = y-offset parms[2] = x-diameter parms[3] = y-diameter parms[4] = rotation angle in radians

window_fraction = NOT CURRENTLY WORKING!
fraction of fourier domain to be windowed to reduce ‘ringing’

rectangle = NxM grided representation of specified rectangle where NxM are the size of the x,y input meshgrids

NOTE: The intergal of the output function is set to equal the
area of the spcified rectangle in the units of the x,y meshgrid

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