Current Students:

Graduate Students:

Yoni Brande , University of Kansas, 2020--present. Transmission spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres.
David Coria , University of Kansas, 2020--present. Precise stellar elemental and isotopic abundance analyses.
Alex Polanski , University of Kansas, 2019--present. Radial velocity and transit measurements of planet mass, size, density, and composition. Paper in preparation. Alex Polanski
Erica Gonzales , UCSC 2017--present. High-resolution imaging of substellar objects and other companions to planet host stars. NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Paper in preparation. Erica Gonzales


Kate Wienke, University of Kansas, 2021--present. Correlations in planetary properties; exoplanet phase curves and eclipses. Kate Wienke
Joseph Hand, University of Kansas, 2022--present. Machine learning with high-resolution spectroscopy.


Neda Hejazi , 2022--present. High-resolution spectroscopy of cool stars. Dr. Neda Hejazi

Past Students and Team Members:

Marina Beltran, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, KU REU summer 2022. Modeling of exoplanet atmospheres using stellar chemical abundance profiles. Marina Beltran
Yanzhe Zhang, 2020-2022. Transit and RV analysis of exoplanet systems. Now grad student at UMass Amherst. Yanzhe Zhang
Tom Mikal-Evans , 2018--2021. Transit and eclipse spectroscopy from space. Now Max Planck Group Leader at MPIA-ApEx Dr. Tom Evans
Ethen Schmidt, University of Kansas, 2019--2021. Emission spectroscopy and atmospheric retrievals. Now engineer at Lockheed-Martin.
Kaz (formerly Sharon) Gary, University of Kansas, 2020--2021. Stellar abundances. Now grad student at OSU.
Elisabeth Matthews , 2018--2020. High-resolution imaging of disks and planetary systems. Now at Geneva Observatory. Dr. Elisabeth Matthews
Molly Kosiarek , UCSC 2016--2021. Radial velocity measurements of planet mass, density, and composition. NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Multiple papers published. Graduated and working in the private sector. Molly Kosiarek
David Berardo , MIT, worked together 2017--2020. Space-based transit photometry of interesting planets. NSERC Graduate Fellow, 2018. David Berardo
Nicholas Mehrle , MIT, worked together 2017--2020. High-resolution IR spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres. Nicholas Mehrle
Xueying "Sherry" Guo , MIT, 2014--2019 (in my group since 2017). Space-based transit spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres. Graduated and now in private industry. Xueying Sherry Guo
Liang Yu , MIT, 2014--2019 (in my group since 2017). Discovering new transiting planets using novel techniques and K2+TESS data. Published a new K2 catalog in just 2 weeks. Graduated and now in private industry. Liang Yu
Joshua Lothringer, UA/LPL, 2014--2019. HST transit spectroscopy of small and/or cool exoplanets. Postdoc at Johns Hopkins, now Professor at UVU. Josh Lothringer
Becky Flores, CSU Northridge ---> Georgia State, May 2018-May 2019. Analyzed 2-5 micron high-resolution spectroscopy to derive physical parameters of M dwarfs. Contributed to paper: Crossfield et al. (incl. Flores) (2019). Now a grad student at Georgia State. Becky Flores
Arturo Martinez, UA/LPL ---> SDSU --> Georgia State, summer 2015. Observed and analyzed spectroscopy to derive physical parameters of M dwarfs. Paper published: Martinez, Crossfield, et al. (2017). PhD at Georgia State; now at NASA/Ames. Arturo Martinez
Lauren Biddle UA/Steward ---> Lowell and NAU Astronomy. Transit observations and analysis of GJ 3470b, published here. Lauren Biddle
Kyle Pearson UA/Steward ---> UA/Steward ---> NAU Astronomy. Transit observations and analysis of GJ 3470b, published here.Now a grad student at UA/LPL. Kyle Pearson

Colleagues and Collaborators

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