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Referreed Journals

Primary Author

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Ciardi, D.R.; Petigura, E.A.; Sinukoff, E.; Schlieder, J.E.; Howard, A.W.; Beichman, C.A.; Isaacson, H.; Dressing, C.D.; Christiansen, J.L.; Fulton, B.J.; Lepine, S.; Weiss, L.; Hirsch, L.; Livingston, J.; Baranec, C.; Law, N. M.; Riddle, R.; Ziegler, C.; Howell, S.B.; Horch, E.; Everett, M.; Teske, J.; Martinez, A.O.; Obermeier, C.; Benneke, B.; Scott, N.; Deacon, N.; Aller, K.M.; Hansen, B.M.S.; Mancini, L.; Ciceri, S.; Brahm, R.; Jordan, A.; Knutson, H.A.; Henning, Th.; Bonnefoy, M.; Liu, M.C.; Crepp, J.R.; Lothringer, J.; Hinz, P.; Bailey, V.; Skemer, A.; Defrere, D.; 197 Candidates and 104 Validated Planets from K2's First Year, ApJS, 2016, in press.

Crossfield, Ian J. M. Observations of Exoplanet Atmospheres, PASP, 127, 941.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Petigura, E.; Schlieder, J.; Howard, A.W.; Fulton, B.J.; Aller, K.M.; Ciardi, D.R.; L\'epine, S.; Barclay, T.; de Pater, I.; de Kleer, K.; Quintana, E.V.; Christiansen, J.L.; Schlafly, E.; Kaltenegger, L.; Crepp, J.R.; Henning, Th.; Obermeier, C.; Deacon, N.; Hansen, B.M.S.; Liu, M.C.; Greene, T.; Howell, S.B.; Barman, T.; Mordasini, C. A Nearby M Star With Three Transiting Super-Earths Discovered by K2. 2015, ApJ, 804, 10.

Crossfield, Ian J. M. Doppler imaging of exoplanets and brown dwarfs. A and A, 2014, 566, 130.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Biller, B.; Schlieder, J. E.; Deacon, N. R.; Bonnefoy, M.; Homeier, D.; Allard, F.; Buenzli, E.; Henning, Th.; Brandner, W.; Goldman, B.; Kopytova, T. A Global Cloud Map of the Nearest Known Brown Dwarf. 2014, Nature, 505, 654.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Barman, Travis; Hansen, Brad M. S.; Howard, A. W.; Warm Ice Giant GJ 3470b. I. A Flat Transmission Spectrum Indicates a Hazy, Low-methane, and/or Metal-rich Atmosphere. A and A, 2013, 559, 33.

Crossfield, Ian J. M. On High-Contrast Characterization of Nearby, Short-Period Exoplanets with Giant Segmented-Mirror Telescopes. A and A, 2013, 551, 99.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Barman, Travis; Hansen, Brad M. S.; Tanaka, Ichi; Kodama, Tadayuki. Re-Evaluating WASP-12b: Strong Emission at 2.315 micron, Deeper Occultations, and an Isothermal Atmosphere. ApJ 2012, 760, 140

Crossfield, Ian J. M. ACME stellar spectra. I. Absolutely calibrated, mostly empirical flux densities of 55 Cancri and its transiting planet 55 Cancri e. A and A 2012, 545, 97.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Knutson, Heather; Fortney, Jonathan; Showman, Adam P.; Cowan, Nicolas B.; Deming, Drake. Spitzer/MIPS 24 micron Observations of HD 209458b: Three Eclipses, Two and a Half Transits, and a Phase Curve Corrupted by Instrumental Sensitivity Variations. ApJ in press, Dec 2012.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Hansen, Brad M. S.; Barman, Travis. Ground-based Characterization of Exoatmospheres. II. A Crude Ground-based Emission Spectrum of WASP-12b. ApJ 2012, 746, 46.

Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Barman, Travis; Hansen, Brad M. S., High-resolution, Differential, Near-infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of GJ 1214b. 2011, ApJ 736, 132.

Crossfield, Ian J.; Hansen, Brad M. S.; Harrington, Joseph; Y-K. Cho, James; Deming, Drake; Menou, Kristen; Seager, Sara, A New 24 micron Phase Curve for upsilon Andromedae b. 2010, ApJ, 723, 1436.

Crossfield, I. J. and Troy, M., "Segment Aberration Effects on Contrast," Applied Optics 46:4533.

Referreed Journals (contributing author)

Biddle, L.I.; Pearson, K.A.; Crossfield, Ian J.M.; et al. Warm Ice Giant GJ 3470b. II Revised Planetary and Stellar Parameters from Optical to Near-infrared Transit Photometry, 2014, MNRAS in press.

Quanz, S.P., Crossfield, Ian J.M., et al., Direct detection of exoplanets in the 3 -- 10 micron range with E-ELT/METIS, 2014, Int. J. Astrobio., in press.

Mancini, L., et al., Physical properties, starspot activity, orbital obliquity, and transmission spectrum of the Qatar-2 planetary system from multi-colour photometry, 2014, MNRAS in press.

Biller, B.A., Crossfield, Ian J.M., et al., "Weather on the Nearest Brown Dwarfs: Resolved Simultaneous Multi-Wavelength Variability Monitoring of WISE J104915.57-531906.1AB,", ApJ accepted Oct. 2013

Glauser, A.M., et al., "Characterizing Exoplanets in the Visible and Infrared: A Spectrometer Concept for the EChO Space Mission,", 2013, J. of Astron. Instrumentation, 2, 1350004

Johnson, J., et al., "LHS 6343 C: A Transiting Field Brown Dwarf Discovered by the Kepler Mission,", 2011, ApJ 730:79

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Winn, J., et al., "The Transit Ingress and the Tilted Orbit of the Extraordinarily Eccentric Exoplanet HD 80606b," 2009, ApJ 703:2091

Winn, J., et al., " On the Spin-Orbit Misalignment of the XO-3 Exoplanetary System," 2009, ApJ 700:302

Conference Proceedings

Ammons, M., et al., " The Adaptive Optics Summer School Laboratory Activities," Learning from Inquiry in Practice, ASP (2010), 394.

Morzinski, K., et al., " Digital Image Exploration at Maui Community College," Learning from Inquiry in Practice, ASP (2010), 274.

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Vasisht, G., et al, "Post-Coronagraph Wavefront Sensing for the TMT Planet Formation Imager," Proc. SPIE 6272 (2006)

Chanan, G., et al, "The Alignment and Phasing System for the Thirty Meter Telescope," Proc. SPIE 6267, (2006)

Azizi, A., et al, "Measurement of the Non-Common Vertex Error of a Double Corner Cube," Proc. SPIE (2006)

Hemmati, H., Chen, Y., and Crossfield, I., "Telescope Wavefront Aberration Compensation with a Deformable Mirror in an Adaptive Optics System," Proc. SPIE 6105 (2006)


" Unraveling the Mystery of GJ 1214b with NIRSPEC," Sep 2011, Keck Science Meeting, Pasadena, CA

" Thermal Emission and Atmospheric Circulation in Extrasolar Planets ," Feb 2011, UCLA Earth and Space Science Planetology Seminar, UCLA, CA

" A New 24 micron Phase Curve for upsilon Andromedae b," Jan 2011, AAS, Seattle, WA.

" A New 24 micron Phase Curve for upsilon Andromedae b," Oct 2010, DPS, Pasadena, CA.

"The Planet Formation Instrument: Extreme Adaptive Optics on the Thirty Meter Telescope," UC Berkeley Star Formation Seminar Series, Jan 2007

"High Contrast on Segmented Telescopes: Contrast Sensitivity and Prediction," Center for Adaptive Optics Fall Retreat, Nov 2006

"Periodic Variability in Dwarf Nova V1504 Cyg," UC Irvine Undergraduate Research Symposium, May 2004


A Ground-based Emission Spectrum of WASP-12b, Sep 2011, Jackson Hole, WY.

High-resolution Transmission Spectroscopy of GJ 1214b: Ruling out H-rich Atmospheres in Equilibrium, May 2011, Flagstaff, AZ.

An Updated Phase Curve for upsilon Andromeda b, Jan 2010, AAS, Washington, D.C. Chambliss Medal recipient.

Limits on Thermal Emission from Two Non-Transiting Exoplanets, May 2009. Chambliss Medal recipient.

A Search for Thermal Emission from Non-transiting Extrasolar Planets, Jan 2009.

Other Research

Overview of Technologies for Direct Optical Imaging of Exoplanets, (white paper; contributor), 2009.

Optical Crosstalk in SIM's External Metrology Interferometer, (primary author), April 2005, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis: "Confirmation of Variability in the SU Uma-type Dwarf Nova V1504 Cyg," (primary author), June 2004.

Other writings

Letter to the Editor: "Dodger Stadium Transit," Los Angeles Times, 29 Apr 2008.